Military Veteran Resources at the TWC
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Military Veteran Resources at the TWC

Every Military Veteran Job Seeker in Texas Should Do This!

Military veterans that want to interface with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) need to understand their process and make sure that they meet the initial requirements prior to interfacing with the TWC in order to maximize on the benefits of the TWC job search process.

Step one is to create an account on the website. The first step is to create your Profile. After you have entered all the information on your profile; you will be taken to your “Home Page”. Once on this page you will see Tabs across the upper quadrant of the page. The three most important sections of your account are located on the “My Portfolio” tab. Click on the My Portfolio tab and you will see these three main sections of concern; “Profile”, “Job Matching Criteria”, and “Resume and State of Texas Application”. These sections are what determines the kind and quality of jobs that will be matched to your profile. The data and completeness of the information entered on the pages is subject to verification by TWC, Texas Veterans Commission (TVC), potential employers, and other State of Texas agencies.

Step Two is to create you profile. The “Profile” section is all about you. Enter the pertinent information on all pages.

Step Three is to establish the criteria under which jobs will be associated to you. The “Job Matching Criteria” section is all about your skills and work history and is used to determine what positions and job fairs you will be matched with. Be as accurate, detailed, and complete as possible when entering data into the eight areas of this section. Yes, it is very important that you answer every question. There is a check box to the left of each area label when the appropriate amount and type of data have been entered in the area a check will appear in the box.

Step Four is to establish your qualification and skills. The “Resume and State of Texas Application” section benefits employers that see you matched to their posting to determine your qualifications so they can contact you to start the hiring process. It is imperative that all five sections be completely filled in. If you need assistance entering this data contact your TVC Representative in your assigned TWC Center to ensure that the data is entered correctly and completely so you will match to the appropriate jobs and employers. As you complete each section a check will appear in the box beside the section title.

Step Five: Complete any necessary portions that do not have a check in the box by the title. The remaining tabs, in the upper quadrant of the Home Page are self-explanatory. If you have questions contact your TVC or TWC representative to get your questions answered.

Having a complete profile will not only help you interact with TVC and TWC but shows employers your level of dedication and attention to detail. Good luck completing your Work In Texas profile and may your employment search be fruitful!

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